A free stock data tool for Slack.
Use the /dat command to ask about stock data in plain English

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From thought to chart.
no middle steps.

Don't break your conversation flow to produce a chart.
Query hundreds of measurements on over 9,000 companies...
without leaving Slack.


D.AT is a free tool

The /dat command doesn't
take a lot of learning.

Here are some sample commands to try:
  1. apple, microsoft, exxon since 2007
  2. amazon relative to google
  3. facebook ebitda
  4. apple with 20 day moving average, 100 day ma, best fit line
  5. House prices for 27510 / north carolina

Up your pair trading
with relative motion

/dat walmart relative to target with bollinger and best fit line

When going long on one company and short on another (pair trading), it's helpful to see how they are moving relative to each other. The above example includes common quant techniques of Bollinger bands and linear regression line fitting.

A vast array
of measurements

D.AT has end-of-day price as well as any of the fundamental values such as return on sales, price to book value, research and development, leverage ratio, inventory, interest expense, free cash flow, EBITDA, dividend yield, debt, total assets and more.

Rock Solid
Data Sources

D.AT integrates data from multiple top-tier data providers vetted by Quandl to provide a convenient, single point of access.

D.AT is a free tool for Slack

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D.AT is in early beta. If it doesn't understand one of your queries, or if you have any ideas for improvement, please let me know: brian@geneffects.com