Charting tool for hedge fund managers.

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From thought to chart.
no middle steps.

Hedge fund managers: instant charts to convey your ideas.
Query hundreds of measurements on over 9,000 companies.
From the web or without leaving Slack.


A vast array
of measurements

D.AT has intraday and end-of-day stock prices as well as any of the fundamental values such as return on sales, price to book value, research and development, leverage ratio, inventory, interest expense, free cash flow, EBITDA, dividend yield, debt, total assets and more.

Rock Solid
Data Sources

D.AT integrates data from multiple top-tier data providers vetted by Quandl to provide a convenient, single point of access.

D.AT is a free tool for Slack

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D.AT is in early beta. If it doesn't understand one of your queries, or if you have any ideas for improvement, please let me know: brian@geneffects.com